Boiled eggs

Yeah, this is part of the ‘random crap’ of my blog.

Don’t worry, my kids and wife are always telling me I have way too much random facts in my head, how can I remember all this stuff! So this could just be the beginning! Bwwwwahahahah!!!

Any how, where was I???

Oh yeah, random, it works, I tried it, here it is, saw it on Yahoo yesterday(couldn’t find the link) but had to try it cuz I love to have me some boiled eggs! And it works!!!

DON”T boil them for the standard 20 min thing….DON’T!

Put them in a pan, not a big one, just enough for them to fit comfortably…you want your eggs to be comfy! Cover with COLD water, slowly, I do mean slowly, bring to a soft boil, ya know, when you just start to see the tiny bubbles, yeah those! Then shut the fire off and cover tightly with a lid (one that fits your pan of course!) for about ten minutes.

Yes, just let them sit there!

When the ten minutes are up, or so, it’s not really that precise, put them in an ice bath and BAM! The perfect boiled egg, no weird grey color around the yolk, just yummy!

Happy egg salad sandwiches everyone!!!


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