Call it “Easter”, if you want…

Did that get your attention?

No, I’m not the Grinch who stole your chocolate bunny or anything. One thing to know about me, I’m a realist.

Sure everyone the past few days have been wishing everyone else, “Happy Easter!” The stores have been filled with candy, baskets, toys, lilies, and all the colorful decorations. The egg farmers are enjoying a bountiful season, as the rest of us will be eating colorful egg salad sandwiches for a few days. (Hey if your eggs didn’t turn out quite right, check out my previous blog – Boiled Eggs.)

Anyhow, this IS a very special day for me, guess I’m just having what my buddy Karl Vaters talked about the other day – The Easter Sunday Blues –

But as I reflect on what today REALLY represents, that Day when Jesus did as He said He would do and exited the Tomb; they didn’t call it “Easter”, they called it the “first day of the week”, my Bible(s) title it Resurrection Morning (see Luke 24).

Another new blog friend, Darrell Creswell, put it very well today. I won’t repeat all the good points he made, but please, check it out yourself.

My main point is that today, in the Western Culture church, or in our American Christianity mainly, we make these big gatherings at sunrise, production type specials, plays, musicals, egg hunts, blah-blah-blah….

NOT that these things are bad! But do they REALLY have anything to do with that first day of the week, way back when? Yes, they bring in the CEO’s for the most part, that’s the Christmas and Easter Only’s if you weren’t sure.

And as Karl points out in his blog; What will those visitors see next week? What will they expect?

You see, I read the Resurrection story and see that the first day really only had a few key players to it, individuals. And Jesus took the time while walking down the road to also touch the lives of just two people.

Yes, He appeared to many more in the days to come, but that first day…He reassured and instructed the women in the Garden; He walked and talked with them on a seven mile stroll; He sat down and had a very meager meal with them (one He didn’t even finish). He spent time with  individuals, making a lasting impact in their lives. Much the same as He had done His entire ministry.

“Easter” is a celebration time, but what is the main focus?

Resurrection Sunday is also a celebration time! One that is undeniable in Whom the focus is on – Our RISEN LORD!

I know that lives were changed today, whether in small churches like where I have the privilege to serve (I do know, some of them told me, and a younger couple I’ve been praying for showed up), or in the big production places.

My heart is that those lives that were changed today will return to fellowship another Sunday, that they will begin to grow in the Lord and desire to serve Him.

So, call it “Easter”, if you want…

“Easter” didn’t save me…A Resurrected Savior did – I call Him Jesus!

The picture below is to show I’m not that big of a fuddy-duddy! These are my “little bunnies” from last years celebration. Very cute in their ears, but also learning the real meaning of this day!Image


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