Perspective, it’s a bugger sometimes!

Perspective. It’s an interesting thing isn’t it? Even perspective itself matters on how you look at it. Ironic, huh?

Let me unwrap this a bit…

One of my earliest memories of perspective is going to an air show as a young kid. I was only waist high, in a crowd of tall adults, standing next to my dad, and all I could see was his hip pocket and belt, along with a bunch of strangers hip pockets and belts! Not what I expected of an air show at that age.

So, what did I do? Just what any kid who gets bored does…started acting up, whining, you know, all that stuff I wouldn’t let my kids get away with in public! Until my mom figured out what the problem was and had my dad put me on his shoulders.

WOW, did my perspective change, as did the people behind my dad!

Then there’s the old adage…glass half full/half empty…while the optimist and pessimist were arguing over it, the opportunist drank it! Perspective!

What’s my point in all this today?

I’m glad you asked!

My week is getting filled with some rather interesting things, especially this coming weekend. My perspectives are continually being stretched.

Last night I was at a meeting that made my head spin as per the perspective of those presenting the option. Sure, for them and those being “chosen” to participate, it looked great But for the overall impact to those not involved…no good answer was given.

Another thing that really requires a good perspective are diets. Yeah, random I know when I was talking about my week becoming interesting. But it fits because my wife and I are in week two of low carb eating. Yes, we’ve done this before and it has worked, but this time we have committed to sticking it out and really making it a life change.(OK, stop laughing. I know you’ve said the same thing at least once in your life, right!) I’ve had no sugar for over a week…perspective here – my name is Scott, I’m addicted to jaw breakers!

But it has been working. Dare I say it, sugar free actually isn’t that bad. I’ve cut out my coffee for now too, because I normally put a lot of syrup in my espresso shots, so its tea for me right now. (Hard for a guy who owns a coffee house!!!) Good news is…down 10 lbs in a week!!!

On to the rest of my week…Quality time with my Honey, exercising, dog training, met with a grandmother and talked with her daughter yesterday about doing my first memorial for an infant, normal church stuff, getting my message written, study, personal studies, meetings, random God moments with people (one I get to go look at in a moment, Thank you Karl for the heads up!), sales reps, placing orders, car repair/maintenance, poker night Saturday with my sons-in-law, church Sunday, memorial service right after that….

Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it! It can be. IF I lose my perspective.

My perspective of looking at it all through the LORD’S eyes that is!

See, I’m still learning how to do this, but the more I surrender to GOD and put into practice the PERSPECTIVE of the LORD, all this is nothing really, cuz He’s got it handled…(He’s got the whole world, in His hands, He’s got the little bitty babies, in His hands…)

Pray for HIS perspective in your life, and say a little prayer for me too, it’s appreciated!


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