We’re not gonna take it…

So I hit the ‘Inspire me’ button today, hadn’t thought I would be posting today but got done with my task of writing my notes for Sunday’s message and have a few moments before a meeting, not gonna get a chance to be here tomorrow (my goal is to post on all even days…or odd days…maybe…or both ???) sooo…

This hit me as I was going back over my notes…”We’re not gonna take it…”

Now for all of you who grew up during the 70-80’s it’s already going through your head…if not, give it a minute to get Twisted up in there or call your Sister for some help!

(you’re bangin’ your head aren’t  you?)

Any-who…my message for Sunday is on sexual immorality; we are working through 1 Corinthians and we are on Chp 5 – so glad this did not come up last week! That would have been a tough topic for Resurrection Sunday!

So my point here today is that (spoiler alert for anyone from the church fam who are reading this) within the culture of the church today we have something much worse than a guy who took his step-mom as a lover (see 1 Cor 5).

It’s an epidemic actually and it is killing the reputation of Christ’s Church – HIS Body…

It’s called porn!

The stats are disgusting as to how deep it runs in the church…

YES, I said in the church.

I won’t get into it here but if you’ve not heard of them go check out this site –  http://www.xxxchurch.com/ – they’ve got a lot of archive stuff on the destruction porn is taking on families, youth, the church, etc.

So that song is now stuck in my head and I may play it on Sunday just for the effect, maybe not.

Now it’s probably stuck in your head too!

Good! Cause we can’t take the damage that this disease, this CRAP is causing in the church today!

If you know a brother or sister who is struggling with porn, get them help,!

BE the help for them!

If you are struggling with it, here’s a challenge for you, cause I want to pray for you…

Comment on this post! Come clean!

You don’t have to go into details, please don’t! Just post something!



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