Delivered, 19 years and counting!

Yesterday marked a rather important day in the history of my life, well not just mine but ours, meaning my wife and me. Check out her telling of the story at

Yesterday was the end of 19 years drug free! Today began year 20!

I had spent about 13 years lost in that lifestyle, from age 15 to 28. So the way my twisted brain sees things, I’m almost half way into the positive side of things after giving God back those 13 years I stole from Him.

It’s been a long hard journey to say the least, but Oh so worth it!

April 9,1994 seems like a lifetime ago, and it was. Because April 10, 1994 was when I rededicated my life to God and fell into a new way of living my life with a whole new family to help me. That family was Colton First Baptist Church, now know as Center Point –

If it wasn’t for the love and acceptance we received that very first day from the people there, I don’t know where we would be today. God was guiding us to that place and has not stopped leading us since.

Sure, I’m not always paying attention to His directions. And NO, it’s not because I’m a guy, it’s because I’m human!

Just a fragile lump of clay that He continually, lovingly, and thoughtfully molds into the man He wants me to be.

Today, I’ve been the shepherd/teacher of a Small Church – – for the past 9 years. And we have a good portion of our folks who are involved in “the program”, AA or NA or both. I never did attend any meetings, but I have a high regard for what it can do in a persons life.

A man I consider my brother and friend did a wonderful thing this past Sunday. He presented me and my wife with 19 year chips. It touches my heart and I am honored to be “inducted” into the family in this way.

To God be the Glory!



4 responses to “Delivered, 19 years and counting!

  1. After reading I am reminded of the story Jesus told concerning the kingdom of heaven. Without repeating the entire story the important part was the timing of entering in. Whether early in life or late. It did not matter how long a person had been in the field of God’s kingdom, only that the master’s hand was open at anytime in ones life whether young or old.

  2. Praising GOD and giving HIM all the Glory…. God works in wondrous ways . give your sweet wife a big hug from me. I really miss you guys. and think of all the things I want to tell you. I guess I need to start a scott/deena journal …. praying for the small church in the wildwood called weldon.

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