Derailed by technology…(also praying for Boston)

Good morning all!

I’ll get back on track with my process/journey series tomorrow. Today though, just a quick note on technology!

My phone’s ear receiver began fading out last week. I was able to use my speaker or ear bud, but for regular usage – nothing! So I ran a back up, checked for updates, all the usual stuff I could do on my own – nothing! I called tech support through my carrier, they transferred me to the phones manufacturer…

Bottom line was that I couldn’t be without my phone for 5-6 days, not that I can’t be “unattached” from my phone, it’s used for ministry and I don’t have a reliable back up any more. I also wasn’t going to have them hold $500 out of my account just to send me a replacement, even if it was only for a week.

Now you may be thinking ‘Why a week? Just go to the store!’

I live in a rural area of California where we don’t have a local store. Our closest big city just got a company store late last year. My schedule doesn’t really allow for a quick 120 mile round trip just to exchange a phone, so I made due till yesterday when my honey usually goes after shop supplies. I figured we could go together, have a nice lunch, spend time doing shop stuff, but away from the shop…(that’s another blog for another day!).

So when I did my back up last week I figured all items were saved, as they have been before when I’ve done that. I get the new phone yesterday, plug it into my computer to update…that’s when the derailing occurred!

My apps were there…but nothing else…no music…no contacts…no pictures…

And of course my first thought and reaction was “Oh, no biggie, I’ll just do this and that, it’ll be fine!


AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! %#@^&*!+*&^%$# was more like it!

So I’m spending my day rebuilding my contact list, reloading pics and music…ya know, the usual clean up after a derailment, only I don’t have to wear a hazmat suit!

There was a time that this could have really sent me over the top (part of the reason for blogging my series on depression)…but in perspective to life in general and what happened yesterday in Boston…

My heart breaks and my prayers are with those whose lives were truly derailed yesterday in Boston!


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