When God’s People Pray !

Just had to share what my Honey shared today,
I’ll get to my musings later today!

One Woman Delivered

Sometimes it is good to be reminded that all things in His timing not mine.

What do we expect when we pray? I don’t know about you, but I truly expect God to answer my prayers. Now that is where we as humans run into trouble. We have a problem, or need guidance, so we pray and wait for the answer. If the answer is not coming as soon as the words have left our lips we whine to God, ‘God why have you forsaken me!’

God is always faithful to answer all, yes, I do mean all of our prayers. He only has three ways that He will answer them; Yes, No, or Wait. Our problem is we don’t like the wait part, and flat-out don’t want to hear No. We, like any child, don’t like to be told No. We asked because it is a great idea; or would…

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