Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{part 4}

Let’s see…where were we?

I was separated and going through divorce and custody proceedings. That dragged on for a couple years. I just went through the motions mostly…day to day…blah, blah…

Family and friends helped out exponentially with the girls while I had them (which was pretty much all the time), but my life was just feeling monotonous. I needed a change, not just personally, but geographically, mentally, something…

Christmas came that year and I received a card from an old friend. Inside was a note that read, ‘If you and your family are ever in the area, stop by, I’d love to see you’. I’d seen this friend a couple times over the years, she had met my wife one time (who was pregnant with our second) and my oldest daughter, It was a nice sentiment, so I held onto the card.

What she didn’t know was that I was split and available. Remember that girl I mentioned that was off limits…this was her…she wasn’t off limits anymore. My grandmother had kept me apprised of the goings on in her life. Was this the change I was looking for? I was ready to be with someone again, something substantial…

So, I made plans, and I had a glimmer of excitement and hope that I hadn’t had in a long while. I didn’t tell her my plans. I just decided to ‘be in her area’ like the card said, and stop in. It was after Valentine’s day that year, I took some vacation days and headed north.

Me and my dog Cuervo (yes, named after the tequila, I did mention I lived a party life, right?) hit the road, I had gotten a hotel, and was ready to at least have a fun time catching up with an old friend.

We hit it off very well…and were having a great time…I called and extended my days off…we talked about the changes I was looking for, and so we decided to move in together!

I went home, handed in my resignation, wrapped up things, and three weeks later I was living in a new city, with a great gal, and we were just gonna do this for a while, until it wasn’t fun anymore…we were both burned in relationships before and didn’t want to go through that again!Image

That’s me presenting her with that Christmas card she sent me all those years ago at our 25th Anniversary Renewal in March!

Even though you now have part of the “Happily ever after” crap, there is so much more to this…I was still seeking to fill that void…still trying to numb up…

Stay tuned…Thanks!


4 responses to “Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{part 4}

  1. I am a friend of KC’s and she told me all about the vow renewal. I didn’t know about this part and I just cried reading this. Thanks so much for bravely sharing your guys’ story. I am really enjoying reading it!

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