Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{part five}

It’s been twenty five years since making that move. I don’t regret it, although I do have some regrets on the time I wasted being a first class douche!

You see, that beautiful woman I moved in with, the one who “we were just going to do it until it wasn’t fun any more“…well, I moved in on a Wednesday, and by late Saturday night, after her ex-father-in-laws wedding, and a stop at our favorite bar, we headed out to Reno to get married.

Yeah, and as I always say…”It was fun for three days, then we got married!” (sarcasm is just one of my many gifts!)

The proposal was not the most romantic by the way. After the wedding, which her son, (now our son) was in, we had closed down the bar; a usual thing when we had her sister as a built in baby sitter.  Well…we get back to the house and she is sloshed, way beyond anything I expected. I told her she needed to sober up a bit before getting in bed. I suggested, rather strongly, that she take a cold shower.  She was a bit belligerent, so I helped her in the shower and turned on the cold water. I’ve never given a cat a shower before…but I’m guessing you get the same reaction!

Well the hissin’ and pissin’ match was on…I’m thinking “What the hell? This is not what I signed on for!” I told her that I couldn’t just sit back and watch someone I loved and cared for do this to herself…words were thrown back and forth…she’s still in the shower partially clothed…something came up about if I couldn’t hang with it then maybe I shouldn’t have moved in…something more was said about I care too much for her to see her like this…then I believe something was said that if we were going to make this work, we’d better get married…after which she puked on my foot…I still remember seeing that piece of baby carrot between my big and second toe!

She sobered up pretty quick after that. We woke her sister up, told her our plans, packed a couple things and hit the road. It was like 3 or 4 in the morning by this point. We talked about what we were doing on the road…you know, the back and forth of  ‘do we, don’t we?’ About 5 or so I saw a Denny’s and pulled off for breakfast. We had a real cool waiter named Ramzi that thought our story was real cool. He gave us five bucks to play on a roulette  table, wished us luck and we drove off.

I’m driving, she’s napping, and I’m thinking my life is looking pretty sweet…

But there was still that nagging feeling lurking around. That cloud that seemed to follow me. Even though I was in a new area, it didn’t take long to find my drugs of choice, on top of the drinking, to keep myself comfortably numb…

I’ll get into how that shaped the first six years of our married life next time…but if you want a sneak peek…go over to my Honey’s blog for her telling of the story…

Thanks for tuning in…stay tuned!

Well–Good day!

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