The Meaning of One Woman Delivered

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One Woman Delivered

I was talking to a lady today and when she asked me what ‘One Woman Delivered’ meant, it occurred to me, I’ve never really explained the meaning behind ‘One Woman Delivered’.

I’ve been a ‘victim’ throughout my life; I’ve been a survivor; I’ve been a recovering drug addict; and I’ve suffered from self hate.

The title of the blog ‘One Woman Delivered’ gets its meaning from; I’m no longer a victim, a survivor, or recovering from anything, I have been delivered from all of these titles, because none of the people who abused me have the power to make me a victim any longer.

I’m a survivor of my childhood because I have forgiven those who have injured me and caused me harm.  They no longer have the power to hurt me any longer.

I am no longer a recovering drug addict because I’ve been delivered from that addiction and no longer have that desire…

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