16 Tons…Joe vs the Volcano…Adventure?

Some days just feel like monotony. Today I have that cloud following me.

It’s not that today is a bad day, its really a good day.

I’ve just been reflecting on my wife’s blog from yesterday – Random Wondering’s – and also about how God put up with the Israelite’s for forty years in the desert (the Our Daily Bread reading for today) and started thinking about Joe.

Thinking about that opening scene and the song; how we can be weighed down by life. How we need to have ‘adventure’ in our lives – whatever that may be. Maybe its not really adventure, because that can vary on who you are. For some, getting away from the routine and reading a book is adventure. Others prefer to get that adrenaline rush. Or maybe the key is just following the prompting that God places in your heart; find your passion, making it your goal and following it.

Maybe, just maybe, fulfilling your God given purpose in this world and not selling out to the company store is adventure enough!


2 responses to “16 Tons…Joe vs the Volcano…Adventure?

  1. I’ve totally been there before. And I agree… sometimes life seems to get monotonous but I have learned that the ultimate fulfillment I’ll ever get is fulfilling God’s call on my life and sometimes that just means doing some of the same things over and over again during a season in life. It may not be “exciting” but if it’s what God wants you to do then it is so worth it in the end!

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