Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{part 11}

There are times as you write that you just spend time gathering your thoughts. I’ve been spending the past couple days doing this in how to wrap up this series on depression. I am often pleasingly surprised at how God can lead me to the exact thing I need to hear, read, and/or share. I know I shouldn’t be…it’s not like He hasn’t proven Himself time and time again!

It really comes down to the fact that I become more in awe of God when He reveals to me another layer of my “onion” that is ready to be dealt with. It is not always ‘fun’, kinda like going to the dentist to get a cavity fixed…you know you have to go, but you put it off, you’ve learned how to cope with the problem, your pain tolerance has increased, you’ve found ways to self medicate the problem…but once you ‘man up’ and go get the problem fixed, you really don’t get relief or closure.

As a small church pastor I have sought out information on how to deal with my situation. I’ve struggled for years with my position and calling. Turns out, even though I have felt alone in this…I’m not. The first helpful resource I was turned on to was the ministry of Karl Vaters. His insight has been transformative to my ministry outlook.

Through his website/blog and friendship I have been able to find some other great resources to help me in my process/journey. One of those is through a group on Facebook just for small church pastors created by Dave Jacobs.

An article was shared today by Richard L. Schoonover that hit me pretty square between the eyes…but like getting that cavity fixed…it feels better after the fact. Sure, there are some residuals going on…but those will fade. Like I always told my kids as they were growing up and complained about going to need therapy later in life…”Get a good job with good insurance to pay for it later!”

Well, I am leading by example on that one…I’ve got some darn good insurance!

Please take some time and read through the following article Richard shared, hopefully it will help someone else how it has helped me.


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