WOW! What a week!!!

Hey there! Thanks for checking in!

Have you every had one of those weeks where you just sit back and think (or even say to yourself) “Where in the blasted crap did everything go!?!?!?”

NO? Did you really just answer “NO” to that question? Seriously, what planet are you from, because I want a charter membership to your country club!

OK, so my gift of sarcasm is in serious overdrive right now because it’s Sunday afternoon/evening here in my world and my to-do list amazingly grew when I wasn’t looking!!!!

Well, in reality, if I choose to admit it, it didn’t grow, I just had other things to deal with that couldn’t be ‘kicked to the curb.’

I had ALL intentions of closing out my series on “Depression? Really?…” today, BUT, remember how I said in my last blog that I had really good insurance and was leading by example?

Yeah, that kinda smacked me in the fricken’ face the other night!!!

When the person you are seeing for help has you close your eyes and answer these “rocket fire” questions, and you don’t have the answer for some of them…I think the technical term is “regression”...yeah, I’m owning that right now…T-shirt, hat, bumper sticker, key chain, coffee mug, and all the other bling…I got the copyright to that!!!

So, before I get to off the chart with this…

The “Series” will be wrapped up soon, I’d like to say tomorrow, but nobody can tell what tomorrow will bring, so…

Well–Good Day!


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