Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{the wrap up…I think}

Well that week I blogged about on Sunday kinda spilled over some more, but I am determined to wrap this series up as best I can. It is a journey afterall…a process I’m just now trying to live with in a positive way.

So I had left off in the series about my “onion” hitting another layer and that great article on insecurity in pastors…well that same day we had a couseling appointment and that layer of my onion was discovered to be pretty darn big! Turns out I may be even more jacked up than previously determined. (It’s OK, they know me here!) Good thing I have that really good insurance!

My rollercoaster has been doing some pretty wild riding over the past couple days, not sure if I can take this ride without barfing soon. It’s kinda like a couple years ago, I went to Six Flags with “the Boyz” for my great nephew’s birthday. Me and my one son-in-law are the type that will run from coaster to coaster (neither one of us has truly grown up yet, that’s part of why I love him).

Well at the end of the night we were all blasting between Colossus and Screem as fast as we could and ended up the last group to be at Screem. You know the time, when it’s not really time to close and you just move to a different seat and the attendents don’t really care. Well I don’t get motion sick EVER! After like the fourth time, and two before that, with two rides on Colossus also under our belts, I’m starting to feel it! I had to just close my eyes and breathe it out.

I guess that’s what I have to get used to with this depression thing, close my eyes and breathe it out. Sure, I know I’m not going to be this way the rest of my life, at least that’s what I’m told. And being a man of faith, I trust in my Lord to heal me and guide me through this.

I want to encourage anyone who may even have the slightest twinge of depression to seek help.Talk with someone! Recognize the signs and go get help. Don’t suffer through years of self-medicating and turmoil that I have put myself through, because when you get on this end of it, the bagage you have to deal with is not any fun. Necessary, yes, but definately not fun!

I’ll keep you posted from time to time on the process of my journey with this, but I will be getting on with other topics I’ve decided to cover in this here blog-o-mine!

Thanks for checking in!

Well–Good Day! 


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