Things I’ve learned from my dogs. Part one.

I don’t know how many dog lovers I have reading this blog, and if you are a cat lover…well, that’s your thing! No offense meant, it’s just that I have only had two cats in my forty seven and one half years of life that were really cool, but I’ve had several dogs who just flat out rocked it!

My first family dog was Corky. I guess I was 4 or so, I don’t remember. I just remember that my folks had been talking about getting a dog, and so we loaded up in the car and drove out to the “country”. We lived in Norwalk, so the “country” could have been somewhere in the OC for all I knew back then!

Corky was great though; a Beagle, runt of the litter, so she was small, but feisty and full of energy. That dog could run around the yard and scale a 6 foot block wall fence to see the neighbors dogs. It was something to see.

She never had puppies till she was somewhere around 12 or so when we ended up getting other dogs. She had this one annual thing she did that just amazed us all. My Dad had this big foot stool that she would always lay on. When it was New Years Day she would face the TV, she never faced it any other time, just on that day, and watch the Rose Parade!

You may think I’m just messing with you, I’m not! As soon as the parade was over, she would turn around or get down and go do something else.

What I learned from Corky; take time to stop, even if it is not that often, and take in the beauty of things, even if they are man made!

During my childhood, my sister had always wanted a Saint Bernard. I don’t recall how it came about, but we found one that needed a good home with a yard. The people who had her had a concrete jungle for their back yard and it was not good for her.

Her name was Penny, and what I remember about herwas that she was the biggest love bug ever. Just wanted to be close to you and push on you. She also had the biggest piles of crap I’d ever seen! It was my chore to clean the yard…I hated that part, but if I wanted to play out there, well, I had to do it!

Things didn’t end well for Penny. She attacked a neighborhood girl who caught her off guard as I was taking the trash out one day. Penny had to be put down.

What I learned from Penny; protect those you love even…if it turns out wrong!

I had many other dogs while growing up, some that just showed up for a little while, some that neighbors had and I talked my folks into them. At one point I think we had like eight dogs, that was when Corky had had a couple, but it was chaos. I remember my Mom saying, “No more!” So a couple of them left to other homes. Until one day…

Freshman year I think it was; there had been this black dog hanging around the High School all day. Security had tried chasing it off with no luck; kids had been throwing rocks at it and kicking it…it broke my heart…but I was on my way to a football game and couldn’t do anything about it. Until we got back and the poor thing was laying on the locker room steps, too worn out to move.

I still had some of my lunch with me and got it some water, shooed the flies off of it…

I still remember when my Mom pulled up to get me and I’m walking toward the car with my stuff and this big black puppy in my arms…she started shaking her head and backing up the car! She said we could get him healthy but that he could not go it with the other dogs. He would need to find another home.

Well, Bubba had already found his new home! It took a while, but he fit right in…even though it turned out he was a Great Dane/Black Lab mix who, when he grew up topped the scales at about 140, and when he stood on his hide legs, he could look me in the eye at 6’2″!

Bubba turned into a house dog when I moved out because my Dad was still driving truck and was gone at night so my Mom wanted to feel safer. He was amazing as an inside dog, gentle as could be! When my girls were just babies he was so loving to them.

Things I learned from Bubba; you may be big and intimidated, but you need to have a soft heart and repay the love someone has shown you!

Then there was Cuervo! Man was he ever the best dog I could have gotten at that time in my life. Talk about a companion, he was it. A Rottie/Shepherd mix he was just flat out faithful!

Our youngest daughter had to wear a monitor for the first eleven months of her life because of sleep apnea. Well if the alarm went off, good old Cuervo would be the first in to make sure she was OK. He was another one that was so good with the kids.

Unfortunately when we had to move we couldn’t afford the extra money to have a pet in our new place. Cuervo had to go! I was heart broken!

What I learned from him; sometimes you have to say good bye to a close friend if you’re gonna make a new start!

I had a dry spell for a bit, but then had a couple other dogs…a Dane mix who was just a hyper turd, a mixed breed female I’d found at work and it turned out she was pregnant. Nine days after we’d brought her home, she had nine puppies!!!

We got homes for all the pups, but the dogs came with us on our move to the KRV, and she got prego again! I think it was eight this time. Her and the Dane mix liked to run and it was too much, so we found them other homes.

What I learned from those two; sometimes you can bring joy into a person’s life, but if they want to run free, you’ve got to let go!

I’ll fill you in on more modern times and what I’ve learned from those dogs in the next blog.

Thanks for tuning in!


4 responses to “Things I’ve learned from my dogs. Part one.

  1. I’ll second that! Corki was pretty amazing! Mom was, too, when Corki couldn’t nurse her pups Mom had to bottle feed them every two hours. I still miss my Penny. As far as dogs we had growing up, we had quite a menagerie! Bubba was a great dog, except for his tendency to wander way up the hill to visit the people that lived in the big house at the top. He was great with the babies. Good memories, brother. 🙂

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