Motivation…its contagious, I think! (Or just highlighted a bunch!)

Motivation from the root word Motivate; a verb, To provide with a motive; to induce; to incite. — Motivation.

As I muse and ponder where my new venture (or is that ADventure) in blogging begins to unfold since getting sucked in on March 30th, I have to ask myself, “Self, Where is this thing going to go?” “What is going to be the focus of this blog?” “What will be my motivation to keep at it?”

You see I’m really good at coming up with ideas and dreams, or hair-brained adventures just ask my wife, but sometimes my motivation slows down, my ‘tiger-in-the-tank’ turns into a kitten that just wants to sleep! The idea is still there, it just lacks some extra motivation.

Take for example my desire to exercise and stay fit. About 4-5 years ago I knew I needed to do something, I was not getting enough activity. My one daughter was getting married, and I also found out at Christmas of ’09 that I would be becoming a Grandpa. I set a goal to lose 20 pounds by the wedding, and another 20 by the time the baby came! I had motivation!  I made the first goal, and came close to the second one, but with a new grand-baby living and hour away, visits began to be a HUGE priority, my schedule had to accommodate for visits; my exercise routine began to get shorter and then just fizzled out.

And the weight slowly crept back on!

So about a two years ago I hit an all time high (and low), peaking at the heaviest I’ve ever been in my life. I had enjoyed biking when I was a kid, so I began looking for a mountain bike. We live in a beautiful area that is SO bike friendly, I have trails right across from my office, no excuses. I found a descent stater bike at Goodwill…16 Bucks!!! A couple of tubes, some lube on the gears…I was off. I had motivation! And it began to pay off.

Then along came our bad weather season. No problem, on the bad days I ran on the treadmill. On the days when it wasn’t raining or the wind wasn’t gale force, this worked.

A side note here: The wind ALWAYS blows in our valley except when it gets really stinking hot and we want it to blow. When I ride, the wind is a help and a resistance trainer all in the same ride. Sometimes I even end up riding up hill into the wind…talk about a workout! But it’s motivation to keep at it!

So as things go, the ‘kitten’ came out this past winter season. The winds were horrendously more intense, and the treadmill, well if you own one you know. For me it’s a great back up when I’ve got my motivation, but its not enough for me to just do alone.

My wife and I went on a cruise for our 25th wedding anniversary and when we got back we decided to get back into the routine of getting healthier again! We both stared with low carb, I gave up my addiction to mini jaw breakers, and I have stayed with it. Losing close to 16 pounds in two months. But I knew I needed more motivation though! My mountain bike just sat on the front deck pouting. I swear it would whisper to me as I walked by…”Remember me, all the good miles we have covered, the beautiful scenery I carried your fat butt through!” It was mocking me…which really gave me no motivation what so ever!

I had already gotten the bike ready to go a few days ago…it had given up on mocking me…and then we hit 100 degrees! When I rode before this was no problem, I had built up to it, I had a tolerance to it, and I actually enjoyed it. Well, a friend of mine posted this picture today over on FB, and I knew that I had to do something…now!

Slimming picture_quote

Sure, it says determination in the quote, but that was my motivation! I’ve been eating well, I don’t do the gimmick stuff and gadgets, I have running/biking shoes, I’ll never be caught dead or alive in a sports bra, and I now have my motivation to ride back…wind or no wind! Thanks for sharing this today Jen!

So where does this take me and this blog-o-mine?

While I’m out riding I will be musing and thinking about my experiences and some random crap about being a small church pastor. That should keep my motivation up and my thoughts focused…and my weight down too! Win-Win baby!

Thanks for taking your time to come into my musings today! Now go find your motivation for whatever you do!


One response to “Motivation…its contagious, I think! (Or just highlighted a bunch!)

  1. Yes…and to add to your motivation, remember the valuable source of vitamin D you are soaking up. The sun is our main source of vitamin D which strengthens our bones and muscles, and enhances the immune system. Recent studies have found that sunlight may reduce risks of some forms of cancer, such as stomach, breast and prostate.

    But we only need twenty minutes to get the necessary Vitamin D benefits from sunlight. So do be careful my motivated friend…and enjoy!

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