Sometimes a break is due!

Have you had one of those periods in time where it just seems to turn into a pool of water? Everything just flows together and your main focus is to keep treading until you catch a break!

I’ve had about a two week period just like that lately, maybe some of you can relate…

Don’t misunderstand, the past couple weeks have not been bad, there have been some rough spots, but nothing more than life itself unfolding. I realized that it has been 10 days since my last post, the first few were intentional, I had other things on my mind and could not focus on a topic to write about.

My last post was on saying good bye for now to and old friend and ministry colleague…Moses. We had the memorial two days after that post, it was great, he would have loved it! But as always when you say “Good Bye for now“, there is a time of self reflection that takes place.

Self reflection is a good thing, we should all take time to do it now and then. Mine just happened to hit at a time when I have been given writing assignments from that wonderful person I get to talk to occasionally who my really good insurance pays for! Yes, my therapist!

When you find out you are more jacked up than you initially thought, or were willing to admit, and you begin to reflect on things, this weird thing begins to happen…that pool of water I mentioned earlier, well some knuckle head just pulled the giant plug out of the bottom and, shall we just say, let the swirling and sucking of water rushing away begin!

Add to that a short work week because you are headed out of town to spend family time with kids and g-kids, and things get a little punchy. Oh  yeah, and finally coming to the point of putting our coffee house on the market…this has been ten years of our blood, sweat, tears, etc., but God is calling us to other things.

The time away was nice. We truly love getting together with all our kids, even if it does mean 10 of us, 4 being under the age of 4, one adult child being pregnant, being in adjoining hotel rooms.

We did it for our youngest daughters ‘graduation’, yes, quotation marks. Turns out her school does not allow certificate students to walk in graduation and she’s still six classes away from her AA. We’d made the reservations back in December, so we had to go. Oh, and it was my Honey’s birthday too!

We had a good time at the coast; went to the tide pools, my wife tried to drown one of the three year old’s (not really, a wave just came in quick and big, caught her by surprise). Had a nice dinner at the youngest’s new place with her friends. Next day went to Lopez Lake and had another good time, capping off the day with a fantastic dinner at the Guest House Grill in Atascadero, it’s where our daughter’s boyfriend works…AND…he picked up the tab!!! TOTALLY floored me and my wife. Makes us proud to know he is a man who just wants to do things like that sometimes. He joked it off that we will probably buy him more dinners, so someday we will be even! We are glad our daughter has found him, he’s a good man with integrity and honor! A rarity these days!

Finished off the the couple days with some yard sale-ing, and thrift store shopping, along with a stop to Ross, and Kohls for my Honey’s conference trip in July. Things are getting back on tract, I’ll be a bit more diligent at it.

Oh, and just had a meeting with potential buyers this afternoon for the coffee house…

We’ll see, God is in control of it all!


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