Its always “A New Day”…as long as you get up!

I get up and get going this morning, get to the coffee house to brew the wonderful hot brown fluid that jump starts everyone’s day (well, those of us who partake in the beautiful elixer anyway) and I review my post from last night about how this is One Jacked Up Journey…

I then start my breakfast and my devotional time. And what praytell is my first devotional about? Psalm 23 and the title is “Leading From the Front”. Its a great little spiritual jump start in honor of D-Day and how Jesus is our true Leader.

But today, probably due to my frame of mind, I was transported back to my trip to Israel in ’07. On our way up from the Salt (Dead) Sea, we get a notification from our tour guide over the speaker on the bus, ‘Grab your camera, that’s all you will need, we will have 30 seconds to get off the bus!’

Well what we on the bus, especially those behind the front couple rows couldn’t see was a shepherd with his flock of sheep and goats up on a hill. Our tour guide wanted to give us a first hand lesson on Psalm 23!

I know there are many studies done on this very popular psalm, and I have no intention of doing another one. But over the next few posts I will be sharing that experience. An experience that is as vivid in my mind today as it was being there on that pleasant March day 6 years ago, and every time I read through it.

Stay tuned.

That’s this shepherds stance for today!


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