Lets end the stigma of “step”!!!

A very well known radio personality specializing in family ministry has been doing a series lately on “steps”. As I listened this morning I continued to grow aggravated as the show progressed. I couldn’t pin down if it was what the guests were saying or the host or what. Sure, they had some really good points, and this is a common situation in our society today. Shoot, I’m divorced and so was my wife, we know first hand the stigma.

When I was a kid (eons ago according to some people you talk to) I think I could count on one hand the kids in grade school whose parents were divorced. In junior high the numbers went up as with high school. But still, back then it was a minority. When my kids went to school it was no longer a minority. In fact, our youngest was a minority having parents who were married.

Yes, we are a “blended” family (I don’t really like that term either, I make drinks in a blender, not families)! We never qualified it as that, nor did we use the term “step”.  Our kids had extra parents that came with other families. I’m Dad and my wife is Mom. The kids are Son and Daughter. That’s it. As soon as you put a “step” in front of a person, you degrade that person. They become something less.

So much talk is being thrown around about ending stigma…maybe it’s high time we do the same in the families!

Here’s a visual to help make my point…

These are steps…


Just a few of the steps up to a fire look out!

And here is a picture of what some consider “steps”. Pick them out if you can, maybe I’ll throw in a prize if you can figure it out. Here’s your clue (no cheating by going on FB), we have four adult children ages 22-30! And if you know my family you don’t qualify for the prize!


The whole Fam-dam-ily! I love this bunch!!!

That’s this shepherds stance for today!


2 responses to “Lets end the stigma of “step”!!!

  1. My daughter calls her dad “dad” and her step dad “dad”, so as a person with a happily “blended” family, I agree with you.

    I think the problem comes with the countless families that don’t really “work” as far as the steps go. I know a lot of my children’s friends have horrible “steps”. And of course, the opposite is true sometimes as well, with people marrying and realizing how awful their new “step” children are. It is definitely a problem.

    I guess, even though it’s not ever perfect here, and my husband and daughter DO have issues (but what parent/child relationship doesn’t) we are just the lucky ones who have had a relatively (haha, a pun!) good experience with it. 🙂

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