Need renewing? I’m not talking face-lift here!

More musing on Psalm 23

Psalm 23:3  “He renews my life;  He leads me along the right paths for His name’s sake.”

What is it to be renewed? And when it is your life…this is huge!

For me to be renewed its kinda like a remodel on a house. The base is still there, but there is a bunch of stuff that needs to be torn out and changed.  Some things can stay, but for the most part its gonna take more than just a coat or two of paint. And in my case, through this journey of discovery and depression…some of it is painful.

If I don’t take the right steps, then I can go tumbling off course in a big mess. That’s the second part of the verse above…

” He leads me along the right paths“. Some versions say “paths of righteousness”. Does this mean that I will be floating along some yellow brick road with no obstacles? Not a chance!

Remember, this psalm was written by a shepherd who wrote about what he knew. If you live in cattle country that has hills, then you’ve seen paths of righteousness, you probably just didn’t know it. While standing on that hill in Israel watching that shepherd and being taught about this psalm, this is what we saw…

He Leads me on the right paths!

He Leads me on the right paths!

See those faint lines on the hill, and there are some in the foreground also. Those are right paths, narrow trails along the side of hill and mountains, one false step and you’re on loose soil. But He leads, so I just have to follow! (And yes, those are camels you see!)

And its “for His name’s sake”, which means He is doing the leading for my good and He gets the glory for it.

Oh that I can follow well during this journey!

That’s this shepherd’s stance for today, thanks for checking in!



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