When darkness falls.

Darkness is such a big part of depression, whether we like it or not, we will go through dark valleys.

Psalm 23:4 “Even when I go through the darkest valley, I fear no danger, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff — they comfort me.”

Going through it is the key I think. The psalmist did not say, ‘When I get stuck’, he said through. Depression is one thing that many people go through or are in, and as the old cliche’ states, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

I am in no way belittling this illness that I and others struggle with. But when I take a moment and make the correlation between this psalm and my journey through depression, I know I have nothing to fear, no danger can overtake me.

He is with me through this. Even His implements for correction, His rod and staff, give me comfort.

I wrote in the third installment of this musing of Psalm 23, “He renews my life.”; this weekend He will be doing that by allowing my Honey and me to get away and hide.

In nine years of ministry, this will be only the sixth or seventh Sunday I have taken off, two of which were when I was in Israel back in ’07. We will be “off grid” for the most part. But with it being Father’s Day, this is how I will honor my Heavenly Father, by getting some rest.

Then I get to come home to a BBQ with my kids and grand daughters…
It’s gonna be a good weekend! Happy Father’s Day to all you dad’s out there!

That’s this shepherd’s stance for today!

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