Has this become the “norm”?

This post definitely falls under my “random crap” category! Allow me to go ‘off reservation’ for a moment and pull out my soap box…

Has this become the norm? Seriously, what is it about these things that they have become acceptable for public attire?



Or how about this?



I know, I know, some of you are wanting to stop reading or are maybe considering dropping me from your reader because I may have struck a nerve. Bear with me and feel free to comment below.

It’s summer time, kids are out of school, the schedule is more laid back for many folks, but COME ON! Have some dignity when you go out in public. They are called P-A-J-A-M-A pants! They are meant for lounging or wearing to bed! But, Oh No! Follow this link and see how these things are advertised. They try to make them look sexy! And what’s with the Jeans style??? REALLY??? We are not fooled!!!!

Most people who wear these things are not built like all those models, but do they think they do when they put them on? I know I don’t!

Don’t get me wrong, they are very comfy! I have my favorite pair, but I don’t wear them to the store even for a quick trip. I didn’t even wear my favorite pair of basketball lounge shorts yesterday afternoon to our local market. And they are still in decent shape even though my dog has drug them outside a couple times and thrown them around. I just couldn’t do it!

Now please keep in mind, I have had my share of clothing fads. I was born in the sixties, grew up through the seventies, came of age in the eighties and nineties. We had Hang Ten, Boot cut jeans, Angel Flight Disco Bell Bottoms, Ponchos, and can anyone ever forget Parachute Pants? Then there were the designer sweat pants with matching jackets! Gag me!

I’m sure hoping this is just another fad that doesn’t come around again until my grand-kids kids have kids. That way by the time I’m really old, grumpy, and bit senile, I can wear mine to my great great grand-kids wedding and be in style!

Thanks for checking out this Shepherd’s Stance for today!

Soap box stashed away, comment box open…


2 responses to “Has this become the “norm”?

  1. Personally the pajama bottom bothers me less for two reasons. One, they seem to fit the frame size of the person. Two, they at least are not hanging around the knees. What bothers me are “skinny” jeans on a fluffy person. I mean they call them skinny jeans for a reason. Skinny people are the only people who can wear them without showing plumbers crack or the new fashion style of the muffin top. Really? Cover up girls you are not on Americas next top model. Bleh.

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