What is it about surrender that makes it so hard?

Surrender…what does it actually mean to do this?

I mean if someone holding a gun on you says to surrender, most likely, you’re gonna put your hands up in the surrender position, especially if that person is a law enforcement officer. Hopefully you are never in a position that you hear those words, but you get my point.

But what is it about surrendering something to God when He is asking you to? Why do followers of Christ often struggle with letting go of things that we know we should? What is it that makes us think we are strong enough to hold on and still glorify God with our lives?
OK, I should have used “I” or “Me” instead of we in those questions! I don’t want to point any fingers at anyone, but as I share, maybe you can relate.

I am writing this post between customers in our coffee house, and sure enough, I just had a conversation with a guy about this very topic! Surrendering our lives to God so that He can give us a better deal.
That’s the kicker that keeps a lot of people away from following Christ to begin with. I, myself thought way back when, that I had to give up things, when in all actuality I’m really exchanging my garbage for gold. Or as God’s Word puts it…trading these ashes for beauty!

But alas, my own stubbornness and pride still keep me from total surrender, or as I have already stated, exchange. Yes, I went there. MY OWN! ME! I keep me from the great things God has for me!

What’s cool though, if I swallow my pride and stubbornness long enough to see it, God is giving me signs and signals to drop the garbage and pick up His goodness. His Word tells me that He will whisper in my ear, but I know He is actually screaming at me. And if I were Him, which of course I am not and never will be, I would be screaming, “Hey STUPID!!!! Do you REALLY want to keep going down this path carrying this garbage! Ya know, its really beginning to stink and you can’t wash it off yourself, you need MY help with that! So…..?”

I know that all this is just part of my continued journey through life, depression, self discovery, and whatever else is in store.
I appreciate your prayers through this…

Thanks for checking in.
That’s this shepherd’s stance for today!


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