Mile Markers

Isn’t it interesting how we are given natural “mile markers” in our lives? Most call them birthdays, a time to reflect on where we are in our lives.

A friend of mine turns 50 today. As I was speaking with her yesterday about what bothers us about birthdays – my issue being that others make such a big deal out of them, to which she retorted, “Just wait till you turn 50!” Yeah, I’ve got a couple years for that, we’ll see. Another friend of ours said 50 and 60 didn’t bother him, but now he claims, “It’s OVER!!!” I think I will still be amazed that I made it that far!

My youngest daughter just turned 22 the other day. When I was her age I was in the midst of living life in a haze. Drugs and alcohol consumed my life at that time. Sure, I remained functional, I had two young daughters to take care of, they helped keep me going. One of those little girls who kept me going turns 29 today. I am very proud of her, she has always seemed to have her life in order. Some would look at it and call it OCD, while others just see a driven woman raising her young family. Either way, she has always had a plan. She knew from early on what she wanted and how to get it. And she did! At 29 I was just getting my life back in order.

Even though I don’t have a birthday till late fall, I still find myself reflecting on mile stones. Having all of my children now over the legal drinking age; the oldest, our son, already closing in on 31; our middle daughter carrying our fifth grand child; our business of ten years being up for sale; this journey through depression…

All mile markers, maybe not your typical ones, but still mile markers. After all, its not how long you’ve been on the road that matters, its how far you have gone that does!

That’s this shepherd’s stance for today!
Well – Good Day!


One response to “Mile Markers

  1. I look at my birthdays and I see so much more I want to do, so many more people I want to tell, so much more love to give, …with less and less time! My age does not really come into the equation. However, it took me how many birthdays to come to this conclusion…mucho!

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