A longer lag than I had planned, but God is at work!

I’m sure I’m not alone here when I say, “Where has the time gone?” Are ya feeling me here? Don’t leave me hanging, I can sense some of your heads nodding…

It’s been 12 days since my last post, my apologies, let me fill you in on the “what’s what”, it’s been full of changes and advancement of God’s plan for our lives.

In my last post I mentioned the offer on our coffee house was made and we accepted. Have you ever been in a place for ten years and now you begin to look around, packing up certain things, cleaning up things, and reliving the memories? Yeah, its been just like that for us. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this little mom-n-pop adventure. The memories of building a successful business out of nothing are encouraging as we move into the next chapter of God’s plan.

The next chapter is going to take just as much work and even more faith for it to be as successful as God intends it to be. (More on that in another post later) First, the things that have been taking my time these past weeks…

My Honey is today (Sat 7/27) at the crux of her trip to North Carolina to the She Speaks Conference to gain valuable insight in writing her book. As I write these words, she is meeting with her third publisher. The past couple weeks prior to her leaving was spent getting all her ducks in a row, which at times was more like herding cats! Me being the one who is her cheerleader through this, have been really trying to keep her up and going. She owns this time!


Sticking her tongue out one last time!

Just days before her leaving, we had to put her 13 year old Cocker/Terrier mix down though. Maggie has been a big part of our family, but we just couldn’t see her suffer any more. She’s had breathing problems for quite sometime now. The boys (Murphy and Tekoa) got their chance to say goodbye when I brought her body home. They knew something was going on with the old girl for a week or so. They both had been “nice” to her. But they are a bit confused right now because just two days later my wife and I left and only I came home the next day. Me and some of the guys from church were joking last night about it over dinner that the boys were talking to each other that if Dad says, “Lets go for a ride, don’t do it! Look what happened to Maggie and where’s Mom by the way!?!?” I know dogs don’t really do those things, we humans tend to humanize their actions, but it sure made us laugh at dinner!

Last night I also received solid confirmation that we are on the right path in following God into this chapter. The guys and I went to a men’s group who meet once a month called Strong Man’s Network. It is the ministry outreach of a truly anointed man, Charles Twist. Some of the guys have been going for several months, I started last month and was very blessed. Last night even more.

Charles had a special word for me at the end of the service. Now for some of you this can be too “out there”, but I felt it was so well timed that it had to be from God. Prior to last night, I had not had more than a couple minute conversation with Charles.

He looked me square in the eyes last night and told me that he had seen me this week and was praying that I would attend. He went on to say that I am a man that has been given a strong vision to accomplish from God. That it would come to pass. I was to write down and share the things God is doing in my life. Then he concluded that as I rely on God to complete this vision, my influence would reach beyond anything I could imagine, as long as I allow God to continue His work in me.

Influence…that word is just marinating around in my brain.

I’m honored to have this man confirm for me what God has started. He had no idea that we had sold the coffee house and are embarking into this next chapter. But he did know that I needed to hear his words from God. After the evening was over, I went up to him and filled him in on what God has been doing…what a blessed encounter.

To top it all off, at the beginning of the event my phone vibrated with a message that my second oldest daughter who is pregnant right now is having a BOY!!!!! He’s gonna grow up tuff being the first boy after four girls in two years, the youngest just turned two on the 25th, the oldest 4 on the 26th. God’s got big plans for that little boy…can’t wait to meet him in December!

Well, that’s this shepherd’s stance for today, thanks for checking in!


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