More Hostage Negotiations Underway!

Well as it turns out our internet was only up for a little while today. The cell tower is “very dilapidated” according to the rep I talked with.

Word on the street (ok, dirt roads) is that one of the towers was struck by lightning last week causing problems all along the line.

I’m thankful it’s only been a few days for me, some folks have been without any cell/text service for over a week or more. I’m hooked into the campground next door to our church building right now, so each afternoon I will be able to check in for updates. The signal is weak from my office, I could go outside and it would be stronger, but sitting in my truck is not as inviting as my office!

It’s kinda like during hostage negotiations when the pizza delivery guy finally shows up with food for us hostages!

I’ll keep you posted as I can!


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