Please help 4 yr old Anna fight!

This is Anna!

Affectionately known as Anna-banana, she is four years old, the oldest of three, her new brother Cage was born just a couple weeks ago.

Anna has leukemia. It was discovered through blood work when her parents were getting her signed up for school.

This is a hard working, dedicated family who struggles like many to just make it paycheck to paycheck.

They have never been ones to expect or ask for help!

With the added expense of travel for treatments, the new baby, and just life in general we are trying hard to help them.

I know that thousands of kids are diagnosed each year with something and we would all like to help each one of them.

Please help us help Anna!

This is one way to help where the family will receive $1200.
Monday October 14th at 6PM PST is the cutoff for this campaign.
Please, do what you can to help!
Under Twenty dollars is all it takes!

It’s really a small price to help an incredible little girl make the fight of her life!


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