Please, wave with ALL your fingers!

I am sometimes truly amazed at the moments which cause me to go to the Lord in prayer. Sure, there are the “normal” times such as someone who is sick, the death of a loved one, protection during traveling, protection for your kids…

But sometimes the strangest thing can cause you to pray…

Like an old man going the opposite direction of me on a two lane highway while I am headed to the dump with a load of trash! I didn’t recognize him in any way. He was driving a pretty common truck for where I live. Things were not blowing out of the back of my truck. As he approached though I noticed his hand go up. This too is pretty common in our small community.

But there was the distinction in his “wave” that only the longest of his bony fingers had left the company of his other right hand digits!

It was a moment of, “Did that old guy really just do that? No way! Did he? Oh yeah, no doubt!” (This is not a normal conversation for me to have on the way to the dump.)

I immediately thought that this old guy must just be an angry old cuss…I was thinking, did I recognize him at all…nope….

“Well Lord, You know who he is and what he needs in his life, his struggles, whatever it is Lord I pray You take care of it.”

Then I began praying for anyone who drives a truck remotely like mine…maybe they had offended this man…maybe they were long time enemies…I prayed for them to have (or make) peace with the old guy!

Whatever the case may be for the old guy, I had a good time of prayer on my way to dump some garbage…

Maybe that was his need…to get rid of some garbage in his life. Oh well, God knows, that all that matters.

Thanks for checking in, I know it has been forever since my last post. Things have been good, God is at work. I will try to do better and report more often.


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