I’m resting…just not like my dog does!


I just read a really good post about busyness and it got me to thinking about what has been keeping me so “busy” lately. I seem to not be keeping up on writing here as much as I would like to.

It’s not that my schedule is overloaded anymore, in fact I have time in my day that I never had while running a business (please, don’t be a hater on this point), but I do find it a bit difficult managing my time more now than I did when I had a “regular” schedule.

Everything gets done during my “work week” now (for the most part anyway). I just have a more relaxed time frame most days.

For the longest time though God has been prompting or preparing me and my wife for more. My Honey even just published a post on more yesterday, maybe you read it. (The photo at the end of her post is when we were in Belize last November…I miss Belize!) 

I digress…

What made me think today about my own busyness is this; What am I doing of worth to fill my time?

Sure, I’ve spent great time in God’s Word and time meditating on it. I’m seeking His will in my life and ministry. I’ve had some really good conversations with my wife about life and where God is leading us. We have taken some time away that we were not able to do before. We are also getting caught up on the remodeling to-do list that has been on hold for quite awhile.

But what of eternal value has been taking place?

There was a time in my ministry with youth that God led me into a “desert” before He led me to where I am serving today. That time was very difficult. I had no idea why He had me leave a growing ministry to go nowhere at the time (and by growing I do not mean in numbers only, the students were actually retaining God’s Word and growing Spiritually). Looking back now I can see His hand preparing me to serve in a different capacity (just once I would like to have hindsight prior to anything coming…I know, that’s a pipe dream! Faith doesn’t work like that!)

So as far as eternal value as I wait on the Lord…He knows what He’s doing…He planned my steps before I was even born (see Psalm 139:16 for that eye opener!).

I’m trusting in Him that this is our “rest” from busyness before the next wave of ministry kicks into full gear, whatever that may be!


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