Some days are just more melancholy than others.

It’s been a melancholy couple of days.

April is child abuse awareness and prevention month. I was honored to be invited to give the invocation at a flag raising by our county supervisor, but the subject matter is not something to get excited over.

I met earlier this week with a friend who’s ex-husband died back in March. She had asked me if I would officiate his memorial. Without going into the harrowing details, let’s just say that their relationship ended eight years ago because she had had enough. On a bright note he recently celebrated seven years sober with AA.

Why the memorial has fallen on her shoulders I really don’t know. She’s having a tough time with it. I can empathize with that…I’m having a tough time with it. For a pastor to officiate a memorial when you don’t know the person is a rather hard task. I know nothing of his relationship with God. I do know that through “the program” he found strength to change. He found hope.

That’s what I have to go share in an hour. It’s ten o’clock where I sit right now; leaving in a few minutes; the service is at eleven…

I think I’ll finish this post later today…


A small cemetery on the island of Kaye Caulker, Belize.

A small cemetery on the island of Kaye Caulker, Belize.

12:45 PM…Back from the service.

Thankfully it went very well, a bit odd that it was held in the local Elks lodge and for a guy who had seven years of sobriety, several folks were having beverages prior to the service getting underway.

His son, a decorated 17 year veteran of the USMC was one of the first people I met. Dang, there is just something that brings out your American pride when you see a man who has chosen to serve our country in full dress uniform! It was my pleasure to shake the hand of a man who served two tours in Iraq!

His daughter was holding it together pretty well even though she admitted she had not had much sleep last night.

Two ladies, one his girlfriend, came to represent AA. They had already had a separate service and I was told the place was packed out. This one was just for family and close friends. It turned out to be a good thing, people were blessed, God was honored, laughter and tears flowed.

His son shared with the group that it was good to go through old photos and remember the good times reliving memories, and how with his own children he was going to begin to leave those photo albums out and contnually

That’s something I have cherished through the years. Several years ago I told my kids to give me memories rather than gifts or trinkets. My Honey and I have even quit giving each other cards; it’s more important to say what we feel rather than spending five bucks on some stationary.

So this sockless pastor will leave you with this for today…

Create and cherish memories, those are the things in life that no one can take from you.

Remember, life’s too short to wear socks every day!


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