Why did I wait ’til I’m forty-eight?

I hope that title is really making you wonder right now; Just what did he wait for?
Well, lets back up say thirty years to when I first did what I have waited for until now.
Have I got your attention? Good, it’s probably not what some of you are thinking.
Thirty years ago (almost thirty-one) was when I graduated high school. Now high school for me was anything but my favorite time, I struggled to even get by. I flourished in the classes I enjoyed, but it was those stinking required classes that were my downfall.
World Government was my worst, and we only had two choices in teachers. Both of whom were ultra conservative and used class time to “share” there political views. They would be surprised with me today to find out I now share some (not all) of their beliefs.
To the detriment of my senior year, I failed the class. I was also not allowed to walk in graduation even though I had already signed up to take the class during summer school with another teacher.
I managed to fly through the summer program, finishing in half the time scheduled. The teacher for that class just happened to be my drafting teacher whom I had for three classes my senior year, he was eager to get ride of me.
The following fall I enrolled in a junior college and began taking classes. It was far from my home town and friends. I was not enjoying my college experience. Plus I was living with my grandmother and her husband which was really not a good fit. So I dropped my classes and moved back home.
I had planned on re-entering academia but life got the better of me. I got married at eighteen, divorced by twenty with two amazing daughters. Re-married at twenty-three and life just kept on going.
In 1998 I did get an opportunity to take night classes through Golden Gate Seminary. The regional director came to our church and had asked the pastor to bring together a few men he thought would benefit from taking this new leadership program the seminary had launched. I was surprised at the invite and went to the meeting a bit apprehensive.
I took me until 2003 to complete my 24 units and earn a Diploma in Christian Ministry but I did it. In the fall of ’03, twenty years after finishing high school, I finally got to walk up and receive a diploma!
Now, eleven years later, I am pursuing furthering my education. First with completing my Associates with plans to move right into a Bachelors. Why did I wait until I’m forty-eight for this?
I really don’t know! I almost got discouraged just in choosing a school.
The trouble I have is that I want to take the classes that actually apply to my career choice of ministry. There will never be a time that I will use an algebraic equation during a sermon or counseling session…EVER!
I have found a Christian University that has just what I’m looking for. My paperwork is filled out, and my FASFA is complete! I’ll send in my paperwork and application fee on Monday.
So now its just a matter of being accepted and starting classes in June!
Life’s too short to wait for certain things, so don’t put something off that God may be asking you to do.
And remember…Life is also too short to wear socks every day!

11 responses to “Why did I wait ’til I’m forty-eight?

  1. Shepherd, You just replied to my request for help; am wondering–if you try to write a new post do you see any text?

  2. I really wanted to say I will keep you in my prayers as you follow the Lord’s direction…(college grad, for you…my mind goes faster than my fingers, sorry)

  3. Scott, I think you are moving in a good direction. Personally, I loved school…my Dad used to tell me a day is not wasted if you learn something of value. He gave us books every holiday. I remember when he first gave me a Bible. I still have it…it’s black with my name on the cover and has a zipper around it. Only thing is… it was a KJV and I was eight, barely reading. I fell asleep that Christmas Eve trying to read Genesis. (We got to open one present on Christmas Eve). So my good friend I will keep you in my Has you follow the Lord’s direction. And cheer up, learning is exciting! Blessings

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