Searching? Look closer…

Have you ever been searching for something and when you finally find it, it was right there the whole time?
I’m not just talking about your keys (those are where you left them) or your glasses (check the top of your head), I’m talking LIFE stuff here!
Think BIG on this…stuff like who you will marry, where you will attend college, buying a home or the right car, seeking that new job, or should you make that move to another area… you know…life changing stuff!
We all spend a lot of our lives searching for things and sometimes we jump in with both feet only to end up with the dreaded “buyers remorse”, when all along what you were searching for was right under your nose.
Sure, this falls into the “grass is always greener” genre and is a bit cliche’ but then again…That’s Life! (Que Frank Sinatra sound track here!)
The BIG things we search for in life are not always in the immediate vicinity, but I’m finding out as I travel along this road and trust more in God everyday…He’s got a plan and He will give me the desires of my heart when I make my desires line up with His.
So, keep searching and try doing some of it without wearing socks!

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