Time for another check mark on the Bucket List!

Last Fall my Honey and I went to Belize for my birthday trip. When we sold our coffee house last year, we had decided that we would take some of the proceeds and take two once in a life time style trips. Or as a friend of mine put it, “Vaca like the rich people do!”

Well, now is the time for my Honey’s trip. Bucket List check mark; ALASKA!

Deena and I have always dreamed of going to the last frontier, and now we are. The trip to Belize was great. Tropical beaches, lazy days, sun, ocean, hammocks, great food and good rum. We were there for eight days and commented that it was just the right length of time to be away.

Somehow the trip to Alaska is twice the length of the trip to Belize! I have scratched my bald head about this one a few times! Why exactly is the trip for her birthday twice as long as mine was?

Two reasons…

First; SHE DESERVES IT! And not just for putting up with me and my BS for 26+ years either!

Second; She is a bargain shopping queen! This trip for 16 days is roughly the same price as the 8 day trip cost. Plus on the Belize trip we ended up with airline vouchers which saved on the tickets.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! (picture my cheesiest late night infomercial flashy smile here)

She went online and found an Alaskan Travelers Super Saver Coupon Book that allows us to do several adventures at half the price, plus benefits the Special Olympics. She has found restaurant coupons online for some places we will be visiting. We will be staying in hostels to lower our cost. (No we have not seen the movie by the same name and probably wont)

Plus I got a great deal on the rental car…$15 a day!

We’re calling this our backpacking in a car around Alaska trip!

The airline did bump our flights around a bit. I was only supposed to miss two Sundays at church but we leave tomorrow midday so my Armor Bearer will be handling three Sunday’s for me. (And when we get back we will be hitting the ground at Mach speed, more on that in a couple weeks)

Looking forward to this Bucket List adventure with my best friend, its gonna be GRAND!!! I can’t wait to ride a bike in Alaska and ingest the beauty there!

I’ll check in along the way, but don’t expect much!

Time to go finish my packing…my Honey has been packed for a week or more!

Oh, and by the way…

YES, I will be doing as much of Alaska as I can while NOT wearing socks…Life’s too short not too!



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