Hostels…an update on our travels!

So, my Honey and I have escaped to the last frontier for a16 day vacation!
She’s calling it our ‘backpacking through Alaska in a car’ experience!
In order to save on our overhead for the trip we are staying in hostels.
Many people do this world wide, and we figured this would be a great way to travel, meet people from many different places…and we have!
Anchorage was great! The Artic Adventure Hostel was great! Met many wonderful people…
Masa; the young Japanese man who was robbed of some of his items to go climbing on Denali. Now part of my stuff will be going with him along with my prayers for safety!
Will; the humanitarian worker from Panama we talked about Christian ministry and missions work opportunities!
‘The Professor’ didn’t catch his first name but had a great conversation about traveling and family!
Tiffany: our hostess, nice gal she should be on duty when we get back to Anchorage..
Many others who we didn’t get their names but enjoyed their company!
And then there was Rene’! I’m gonna call him my adventure brother from another mother. This guy is a gregarious German who shares my bald head choice! He’s on an adventure on motor bike from northern most Alaska to southern most Argentina! Talk about a bucket list item!
I’m going to dedicate a separate post for him later!
He left while we were gone yesterday but as we were headed to Seward today I see this motor bike and a guy in a turn out and it Rene’!
I flip a u-turn on the highway: Deena’s thinking I’m nuts til I tell her that’s Rene, we stop and exchange info; well I ave him a business card so he can email me!
Only in Alaska right?
Oh, and by the way, so far I’ve only worn socks for like five hours total since being here!
And our current location of bedding down…

Yeah, let’s just say the smell reminds me of my grandmothers house when I was a kid and its not as nice as Artic, but we are troopers and will motor through!


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