My hike to a glacier in flip flops!

So today in Alaska, my honey and I traveled from Seward to Girdwood. We checked out of the hostel by eleven and had till six to get to our next hostel. It’s only a two and a half hour drive, we had time to explore!


We saw the sign for Exit Glacier as we were leaving Seward. I looked over at the road as we passed then looked at my lovely traveling companion…she says, ‘Hey, we can go that way for a while, we’re not in a hurry!’

So I flip a u-ee at the Pit Bar where you get free ice with every purchase from the liquor store (just in case you needed to know where to get free ice while in Alaska).

So we drive up this beautiful Alaskan road for about eight miles and end up at the parking area. We check out the distance to the glacier, and of course, we decide to go for the walk. I mean come on, its a freaking glacier in Alaska! In a few days we will be hiking out on one, it will be a paid excursion and will be a blast!


My honey needed her extra jacket for the walk, and I had to get our water bottles and some snacks. I also figured that I would get my hiking shoes too. But…

As I was walking back to the car I began to think…’What am I thinking! I’m the guy who lives life with no socks for the most part! Why would I put shoes and socks on to go to a glacier in Alaska?


That’s right! No socks and wearing shorts on the mile hike to a glacier! I wish I had pictures of all the people we passed on the way up! So many gave me strange looks and my honey told one guy, ‘Yeah, he’s crazy!’ Only one lady said ‘buhhrrrrrr’ to me on the way up!


So for all of you who are going through life way too fast and wearing socks every day, along with long pants…come on, live a little! Drop the socks and go for it!
You may not be in Alaska, but you don’t have to be! Life happens where you are…live it!
And do it without socks as often as you can!



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