Well, its been awhile, I know, sorry!

Its been near a year since I’ve posted, time has just gotten away from me I guess. Anyhow, no excuses, just a busy year, one of which I will be catching up on for everyone.

Its still been a year without socks for the majority, that’ll never change. But for now, here’s the highlights…

Got back from our epic trip to Alaska which happened to fall in the middle of a church merge for us. Last June we joined up with friends from Faith Community to better serve our small valley. July was the start of that chapter and I have been serving as campus pastor being able to get a better perspective on ministry and just what God is doing in my life.

Along with that change, I started back to school to finish off my full degree. I’m going for my AA in Christian ministry, may go for my BA but not committed to that just yet.

I’ve been spending a lot of time volunteering at the local middle school (where I serve on the board) with the seventh grade class. We had a student complete suicide back in November and I’ve been there for support for the kids. Just got a bunch of thank you letters from them! They have dubbed me Mr Skittles, the room mom! I love these kids!

Besides the usual family stuff…kids, grandkids (number six is due in September!), dogs (we added a female Staffordshire last august), and getting by through life…I have been liscened through Foursquare and will have some new adventures coming very soon…I’ll keep you posted very soon, I promise.

Here’s to life! Life without socks and new adventures!


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