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One Woman Delivered

Nine months ago, during a church planter cohort meeting, I was asked the question, “Tell us about yourself.” For some people this is a very simple question, and they will lay out their stats of being married, 4 kids, 8 grandkids and 2 short hairy kids with tails.

Does that really tell you anything about me? No

So now the hard part, what is there to tell? Sure I have done some things in life that are worthy of a word or two, but does it share the heart of who I am?

So, I took some time to get quite with God and asked Him, ‘Who am I?”

This is what He had to say to me.

‘I am called by God to share His heart with others, and I do not need a degree or seminary training to know and share His heart.’

What God has given me…

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