Sea of Galilee Sunrise

Travels…from the daily prompt…enjoy!

Sea of Galilee Sunrise

Any place in the world…

To see this again and repeatedly!

The Sea of Galilee at Sunrise!

It has been several years since being in Israel, but I am blessed to have seen many sunrises there,

this being one of my favorites.

The untouched beauty of that horizon brings peace to my being every time I look at it!

I recall just standing in awe on this day…

it literally took my breath away!


Held hostage!

Part of this article is a repost, but the daily prompt intrigued me to share how my focus is changing…

I started this blog after being inspired by my wife stepping out and writing, also by a friend of mine, Karl Vaters. I had been thinking about it for a while. My plan was to share musings and thoughts of a small church pastor as well as some random crap thrown in. I did a series on my journey through depression and still cover that from time to time. My direction is changing along with my passion. I will be keeping up on it as technology in our rural area allows…

Technology has been keeping me held hostage the past few days!

I’ve mentioned before that I live in a rural area of California, where we only have two stop lights and not a bunch of street lights (yes, we still have those places here). Well for those of you who live in higher populated areas and have large numbers of cell towers and true high speed internet, you rarely have down time, if ever. Not so where I live!

We have three towers from one carrier, and two from another with a third on the way. I subscribe to the carrier with three towers which is also my internet connection. Since Monday two of the towers have been out and the third has been operating on yellow, whatever that means. All I know is that our calls have sounded like we are in a barrel of water and data has not worked.

I have three email accounts and had to catch up on nearly two hundred emails already today! But that’s not my point for today.

Monday I started to “re-tool” my blog, you may have noticed a new tag line up top. Don’t worry, there will still be the occasional “random crap” that I will be posting, that’s just who I am. When I was ready to publish though, that’s when everything went down, so I’ve been waiting, and waiting

The focus of my articles will be primarily shifting to Suicide Alertness, Intervention, Prevention, and Postvention.

Why the sift? Thanks for asking!

There is a need, and reducing the stigma and taboo of Suicide is a passion for me. There is also very little written from the perspective of a pastor, or “the church” in general. In fact, my honey just got back from a Christian writing convention where she was told by two publisher’s they would not publish a book on the subject of Suicide, no matter how relevant it may be. To that I have to say, “Phooey! It’s happening everywhere, even the church!” (OK, that’s not exactly what I was thinking, but God is at work in my life!)

With my own experience through depression, and having suicidal thoughts throughout my lifetime, even as a pastor, the subject is very relevant for the church to address!

My hope is not to only write about Suicide, but also share links and articles from others on the subject. Maybe even have some guest bloggers weigh in at times.

Either way, I’m looking forward to this new focus. It is coming at just the right time too. Our coffee house will be changing hands in just a few days now (21 or so) and my energies will on the ministry and Suicide Intervention.

Stay tuned! That’s this shepherd’s stance for today!