Time for another check mark on the Bucket List!

Last Fall my Honey and I went to Belize for my birthday trip. When we sold our coffee house last year, we had decided that we would take some of the proceeds and take two once in a life time style trips. Or as a friend of mine put it, “Vaca like the rich people do!”

Well, now is the time for my Honey’s trip. Bucket List check mark; ALASKA!

Deena and I have always dreamed of going to the last frontier, and now we are. The trip to Belize was great. Tropical beaches, lazy days, sun, ocean, hammocks, great food and good rum. We were there for eight days and commented that it was just the right length of time to be away.

Somehow the trip to Alaska is twice the length of the trip to Belize! I have scratched my bald head about this one a few times! Why exactly is the trip for her birthday twice as long as mine was?

Two reasons…

First; SHE DESERVES IT! And not just for putting up with me and my BS for 26+ years either!

Second; She is a bargain shopping queen! This trip for 16 days is roughly the same price as the 8 day trip cost. Plus on the Belize trip we ended up with airline vouchers which saved on the tickets.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! (picture my cheesiest late night infomercial flashy smile here)

She went online and found an Alaskan Travelers Super Saver Coupon Book that allows us to do several adventures at half the price, plus benefits the Special Olympics. She has found restaurant coupons online for some places we will be visiting. We will be staying in hostels to lower our cost. (No we have not seen the movie by the same name and probably wont)

Plus I got a great deal on the rental car…$15 a day!

We’re calling this our backpacking in a car around Alaska trip!

The airline did bump our flights around a bit. I was only supposed to miss two Sundays at church but we leave tomorrow midday so my Armor Bearer will be handling three Sunday’s for me. (And when we get back we will be hitting the ground at Mach speed, more on that in a couple weeks)

Looking forward to this Bucket List adventure with my best friend, its gonna be GRAND!!! I can’t wait to ride a bike in Alaska and ingest the beauty there!

I’ll check in along the way, but don’t expect much!

Time to go finish my packing…my Honey has been packed for a week or more!

Oh, and by the way…

YES, I will be doing as much of Alaska as I can while NOT wearing socks…Life’s too short not too!



More manageable now…


I was asked this morning how my life was going. My dear friend was referring to some of my recent posts on instagram and FB. I was able to tell her that my time seems much more manageable now.

You see, it has been almost two weeks since my Honey and I stepped away from the Coffee House we started from scratch ten years ago. It didn’t go under, we sold it to another mom-n-pop and wish them the best as they embark on the adventure.

Last week was the first time we were able to get away and just really do nothing in a long time. The kicker was when my wife said while filming me and my dogs on the beach, “This was Sssoooo worth selling the shop!”


It was even better when on Friday morning SHE came up with the thought of extending our stay another night. We actually could do that and not have any problems.

This week begins our new schedule, we can only be semi-retired from business for a short time, after that it becomes unemployment and since we were self employed for so long, that option is not available to us.

Sure, we still have the ministry we are very much involved in, but our primary focus will be in expanding our Suicide Alertness and Intervention training’s. That’s what prompted us to sell the shop to begin with.

Next to God, Sierra Sun Intervention Care is our driving passion now. We became involved in suicide intervention and prevention for many reasons.

Because of my own thoughts and struggles throughout the years (check it out here) and the survival of my wife’s attempted suicide almost 20 years ago (she’s written about that too, follow the “my Honey” link above) – we are now devoting our time and efforts into educating communities to be suicide safer.

And we are willing to travel to do it!

If you do not have the resources in your area, contact us at sierrasuncare@yahoo.com and we will be glad to help or get you connected to a training in your area.

Suicide IS preventable!

You CAN be the link to saving a life!

Her dream sat there – no more!

1Cor 2:1-5 “And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. And I was with you in weakness and in fear and much trembling, and my speech and my message were not in plausible words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.”

I consider this passage to be my “teaching life verse”. We all have verses that really just drive us to do our best for the Lord. As a shepherd/teacher, this one does it for me, along with Psalm 40:1-8.

In Psalm 40:3 David wrote “He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the LORD.”

We all have a new song to share, sometimes that song sits on a shelf for a long time, other times it just comes right out of us. That brings me to my point for today.

My wonderful wife, Deena, has had a dream for a very long time to share her story and help other women be delivered from their past hurts, in order to live glorifying lives for God. She did not have the best childhood, and when we got married way back in 1988, I introduced her to the dark world of drugs.

Please check out her blog – onewomandelivered.wordpress.com – for her telling of the story.

I can tell you this; she has been reluctant to follow this dream of hers to write and speak mainly because she has been my support and cheerleader for so long. She raised our kids – her dream sat there. I went to seminary – her dream sat there. We opened our coffee house and then a year later planted a church – her dream sat there.

I could not have asked God for a better helpmate, ever! But now is the time for her to share with others so that they can put their trust in the Lord! Now is her time to follow God on this journey!

And she can, because now the kids are grown, we’ve got four beautiful grand-daughters (so far), the house is empty, she has set up a writing desk in one of the spare rooms, and she is pursuing God’s call in her life. And it’s my turn to be the cheerleader and support staff!

I ask for your prayers as we are planning on sending her to the 13th Annual She Speaks Conference, put on by Proverbs 31 Women’s Ministries in Concord, North Carolina this coming July.

I ask for your prayers as we do fundraising for this. We know God wants her to attend, we just don’t have the extra in our budget right now, we do have faith though and a very loving faith family, so it’s gonna happen! Or, hey, if you’re a philanthropist with a heart for women’s ministry, contact me!

Thanks for checking in today!

Here’s a picture of us right before our 25th Wedding renewal ceremony a few weeks ago, yeah it’s sideways, but God still uses the twisted and warped, I think He prefers it!Image