Just get out and move!

Just get out and move!

That was my motivation some four and one half years ago when I bought my first adult mountain bike at a Goodwill store for 16 bucks. It was a small frame Specialized brand, obviously built for someone of a much smaller frame than I am, but I was on a budget and made it work.

I still remember the look on my Honey’s face as she was looking through clothes and such when I walked up to her with the bike in tow. She had given me this look many times before. It was one I am familiar with, being the dreamer in the family and all. Plus, being one who has had a higher than average amount of hobbies in our 28 years of marriage, I wasn’t surprised by her reaction.

I had needed to get out, move, and get healthier. I’m not a runner, never have been, so bike riding seemed a great alternative for me to try out. Turns out, I really missed riding a bike. I began riding in the large fields on motorcycle trails between our house and the church building about a mile away. I could ride different routes and get some decent miles in. I even rigged up some lights for heading home in the dark.

After a few months of riding, I downloaded an app to track my progress. I recently received my ‘happy anniversary’ email from them with my lifetime stats. I’ve ridden over 2600 miles and burned over 245 thousand calories since 2012. I’ve not always been faithful and consistent though, with injuries or illness, the occasional vacation, or just life in general getting in the way. Let’s not forget inclement weather too! Riding in the bitter cold or gusty wind is just not fun!

I have switched over to road cycling and now that I live in a more road cycling friendly community with many bike lanes and routes, I am being more determined to get out and put some mileage in. Today is a down day. I’ve put in about 80 miles this week in three rides. That may be a drop in the bucket for some of the extreme cyclists’, but for me, I used to think that a 12-mile ride was a killer. Now I feel like I’m just warming up around 10-12 miles.

On my ride yesterday, I was thinking about why I share my stats on social media. It’s not about, ‘Hey, look what I’m doing and you’re not!’ but rather more for the hope that it motivates others to get out and move. I feel better getting out there. Sure, I hurt and am tired when I get back from a ride – it’s supposed to be that way! The results though are far more beneficial than the temporary discomfort.

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Cycling may not be your choice, I ride by many people who are out there walking around the block, or running/jogging. I saw one older lady out with her walker! Way to go Granny!

Just get out and move, you’ll be glad you did.

Oh, and try it without socks!



Keep on keepin’ on!

I try to get together with a couple friends three days a week to ride our bikes. We started up about a month ago but due to my schedule, I’ve missed a couple days.
Last week I set a new goal for myself to reach a certain point of the road we ride. Well, Friday I was in a very important meeting and couldn’t make it…no worries, I’ll do it Monday.
Monday came and I was scheduled for a ride-a-long with the local sheriff deputy, part of my duties as a volunteer chaplain. I had planned on doing a half day then hitting the rode with my homies.
God had other plans.
I was needed during a call and subsequent investigation to help the deputies further. No worries, that’s why I signed up!
Wednesday comes and my schedule is free to ride! Time to meet the new goal!
Now the road we ride is a gradual uphill, I’m not fond of uphill riding per say, I like a bit of a mix.
You may be thinking, “Hey, that means its downhill all the way back!”
You’ve heard the expression, ‘Uphill both ways’?
This course is not that, but it does have wind. And when I say wind, I’m not talking about a pleasant breeze beeping us cool on the ride. I’m talking about 30-40 mph with gusts above 50!
My wife and I saw a guy one time riding downhill and she asked me why he was pedaling if he was going downhill, why not coast?
Headwind! All I can say is headwind!
On the route my buddies and I roll on, we get a bit of a tailwind when we take off, a lot of crosswind, and then the headwind on the way back.
One stretch the other day where, with little or no headwind I can coast at around 20 mph, I had to gear down at only hit 8 or 9 mph!
Its windy again today, so I’m expecting the same workout.
Oh, and about hitting my goal, I did hit it and went up to the top of the hill past it, partly because one of my friends is old enough to be my dad and he passed me while I waited at my goal spot!
Exercise is good, doing it with friends is better, being passed by an old man…priceless!
I wanna be like Gary when I grow up!
As he said the other day, “What? OLD?”
Yeah, old and passing younger guys on hills, motivating them to do their best!

This is one thing I have to do with socks on though!