Stop and Reflect

Life in general can give us many moments or events causing us to stop and reflect. Often times without those events happening in the direct path of our personal journey.


School shootings, the passing on to heaven of an iconic pastor/evangelist, a baby being born, a mission trip, someone’s diagnoses of cancer, someone else’s passing after a long and valiant battle with cancer, a troubling yet encouraging message from a social media friend, or sometimes just looking in the mirror.

All of these have crossed my path in the past month or so, some just today, not each one a personal event or moment. However, each taking its own grip of my thoughts and feelings, causing me to take time to reflect.

Reflect on where I am headed, what I am doing, who I am encouraging (or discouraging), how I am making an impact on what God has called me to be and do. For me, as a Follower and Believer in Jesus Christ, that last one is to be my primary focus.

I had the privilege recently to travel with an American team of Foursquare pastors to gather with and build relationships with church leaders in Niger Africa. This being my first experience of mission work, I knew that it would change my perspective on life and ministry


The other events listed above have transpired before or after my trip. It has been a very interesting journey these past six weeks. Many people before the trip asked me if I was excited, nervous, or scared. My answer was that I was more ‘feeling in anticipation of what God was going to do, both in me and in Niger’.

I was also in anticipation of meeting my seventh grandchild after my return to the “real world”IMG_2509

She was born on February 7, content and healthy, although the smallest baby born into our family of all the grand kids so far at just 6lb 15oz – I know normal size for most babies but not for our family!

The trip to Niger definitely had an impact on me. How significant? Not sure since I am still processing it all, and it depends on whom you ask. One friend said I seem more internalized or reserved while another said I seem more peaceful and settled and that God has given me a new radiance of His power.

No matter what causes us to stop and reflect, the outcome should be for us to change our perspective in order to view what really matters in the long run, and what brings the most benefit to others. Those two things will really make a lasting difference in our world.

Thanks for stopping by…

Until ALL have heard! #wearefoursquare


More Hostage Negotiations Underway!

Well as it turns out our internet was only up for a little while today. The cell tower is “very dilapidated” according to the rep I talked with.

Word on the street (ok, dirt roads) is that one of the towers was struck by lightning last week causing problems all along the line.

I’m thankful it’s only been a few days for me, some folks have been without any cell/text service for over a week or more. I’m hooked into the campground next door to our church building right now, so each afternoon I will be able to check in for updates. The signal is weak from my office, I could go outside and it would be stronger, but sitting in my truck is not as inviting as my office!

It’s kinda like during hostage negotiations when the pizza delivery guy finally shows up with food for us hostages!

I’ll keep you posted as I can!

Has this become the “norm”?

This post definitely falls under my “random crap” category! Allow me to go ‘off reservation’ for a moment and pull out my soap box…

Has this become the norm? Seriously, what is it about these things that they have become acceptable for public attire?



Or how about this?



I know, I know, some of you are wanting to stop reading or are maybe considering dropping me from your reader because I may have struck a nerve. Bear with me and feel free to comment below.

It’s summer time, kids are out of school, the schedule is more laid back for many folks, but COME ON! Have some dignity when you go out in public. They are called P-A-J-A-M-A pants! They are meant for lounging or wearing to bed! But, Oh No! Follow this link and see how these things are advertised. They try to make them look sexy! And what’s with the Jeans style??? REALLY??? We are not fooled!!!!

Most people who wear these things are not built like all those models, but do they think they do when they put them on? I know I don’t!

Don’t get me wrong, they are very comfy! I have my favorite pair, but I don’t wear them to the store even for a quick trip. I didn’t even wear my favorite pair of basketball lounge shorts yesterday afternoon to our local market. And they are still in decent shape even though my dog has drug them outside a couple times and thrown them around. I just couldn’t do it!

Now please keep in mind, I have had my share of clothing fads. I was born in the sixties, grew up through the seventies, came of age in the eighties and nineties. We had Hang Ten, Boot cut jeans, Angel Flight Disco Bell Bottoms, Ponchos, and can anyone ever forget Parachute Pants? Then there were the designer sweat pants with matching jackets! Gag me!

I’m sure hoping this is just another fad that doesn’t come around again until my grand-kids kids have kids. That way by the time I’m really old, grumpy, and bit senile, I can wear mine to my great great grand-kids wedding and be in style!

Thanks for checking out this Shepherd’s Stance for today!

Soap box stashed away, comment box open…

Depression? Really? One Shepherd’s journey…{part eight}

That glimmer of hope came to me during an amazing moment when God showed up. I had blogged earlier this month about being clean for 19 years. Well the hope came in the message of a warning really, kind of a question too.

I had picked up the Bible that was in that hotel room {the first time I had picked up a Bible in years}, and held it in my hands; said that simple prayer and God started cleaning me up. It was like the top of my head was split open and cool clear water was being poured through my entire being and shooting out my toes!

Later on in the night I took that Bible and started looking up some passages. I wasn’t sure where to turn to or what to read, but I remember the point of what I read…I needed to be prepared for the return of the Lord! The way I was living my life was not what He had planned for me. God was asking me if I was ready to face Him on His terms.

We cleared out that hotel room of what paraphernalia we had and went to sleep. Got up the next morning and headed to our apartment to clean that place out. There was so much crap we had accumulated!

I was feeling great…the cloud had lifted…I felt like things were on a right path now…was this what I’d been missing…was this what I had been numbing myself from?

Things went along pretty smooth for a while. Sure, we had our bumps and tumbles along the way. It’s a process when you start turning your life over to God. Some things are instant transformations, others take time, lots of time. And as time passed, I guess looking back now, there were some things that I just pushed aside. Things that I felt were just gone; no need to deal with them.

I’m not perfect, I’m just forgiven! Right? Just like the bumper sticker!

I think somewhere in this series I mentioned that depression shows itself in different ways with men. Being that gender, I had learned to pack my sh*t pretty tight…don’t let others in…keep those emotions in check…suck it up butter cup!

People would see me and think I was always pissed off. I’d sluff it off as just being tired, or focused on my job. But when it starts to effect your relationships…that’s when you scramble…that’s when the “salesman” comes out to try and save the day.

You may be asking…”Yeah, how’s that working for you?”

Well, if you’re a good enough salesman, you can pull it off for a while, but then the BS gets too thick to swim through and you’ve lost your paddle way down the river…

Stay tuned, I’ll wrap this series up this week and move on to more of the random crap in my head…

Well–Good Day!

Perspective, it’s a bugger sometimes!

Perspective. It’s an interesting thing isn’t it? Even perspective itself matters on how you look at it. Ironic, huh?

Let me unwrap this a bit…

One of my earliest memories of perspective is going to an air show as a young kid. I was only waist high, in a crowd of tall adults, standing next to my dad, and all I could see was his hip pocket and belt, along with a bunch of strangers hip pockets and belts! Not what I expected of an air show at that age.

So, what did I do? Just what any kid who gets bored does…started acting up, whining, you know, all that stuff I wouldn’t let my kids get away with in public! Until my mom figured out what the problem was and had my dad put me on his shoulders.

WOW, did my perspective change, as did the people behind my dad!

Then there’s the old adage…glass half full/half empty…while the optimist and pessimist were arguing over it, the opportunist drank it! Perspective!

What’s my point in all this today?

I’m glad you asked!

My week is getting filled with some rather interesting things, especially this coming weekend. My perspectives are continually being stretched.

Last night I was at a meeting that made my head spin as per the perspective of those presenting the option. Sure, for them and those being “chosen” to participate, it looked great But for the overall impact to those not involved…no good answer was given.

Another thing that really requires a good perspective are diets. Yeah, random I know when I was talking about my week becoming interesting. But it fits because my wife and I are in week two of low carb eating. Yes, we’ve done this before and it has worked, but this time we have committed to sticking it out and really making it a life change.(OK, stop laughing. I know you’ve said the same thing at least once in your life, right!) I’ve had no sugar for over a week…perspective here – my name is Scott, I’m addicted to jaw breakers!

But it has been working. Dare I say it, sugar free actually isn’t that bad. I’ve cut out my coffee for now too, because I normally put a lot of syrup in my espresso shots, so its tea for me right now. (Hard for a guy who owns a coffee house!!!) Good news is…down 10 lbs in a week!!!

On to the rest of my week…Quality time with my Honey, exercising, dog training, met with a grandmother and talked with her daughter yesterday about doing my first memorial for an infant, normal church stuff, getting my message written, study, personal studies, meetings, random God moments with people (one I get to go look at in a moment, Thank you Karl for the heads up!), sales reps, placing orders, car repair/maintenance, poker night Saturday with my sons-in-law, church Sunday, memorial service right after that….

Sounds overwhelming doesn’t it! It can be. IF I lose my perspective.

My perspective of looking at it all through the LORD’S eyes that is!

See, I’m still learning how to do this, but the more I surrender to GOD and put into practice the PERSPECTIVE of the LORD, all this is nothing really, cuz He’s got it handled…(He’s got the whole world, in His hands, He’s got the little bitty babies, in His hands…)

Pray for HIS perspective in your life, and say a little prayer for me too, it’s appreciated!