Refocusing, in the Spiritual Sense

Refocusing, meaning there was at one time focus, hopefully good focus, however now, there is a need for adjustment.

I wear contact lenses so I do not walk through this world out of focus in my physical sight. When not wearing my contacts, I have a pair of glasses. These are great for at night while reading or watching TV. The problem is; I cannot wear them to drive or work on my computer. Could be the bi-focal effect or just that my eyes are more used to my contacts for these tasks.

Either way, I have tools to use for the physical focusing of my eyes. However, spiritual focus can be a little bit more challenging. Oh, how easy it would be to have a pair of ‘spiritual contact lenses or glasses’!

In reality, something better is available. Now before I go much further, I need to point out that when I speak of the spiritual sense, I am referring to my relationship with Jesus. I clarify this because there are many who seek “spirituality” through other means or processes.

I said relationship with Jesus. He is not my religion. No religion ever chose to take my place to pay a price I could not pay for a debt they did not owe. This relationship is just one of the situations where I personally have needed spiritual refocusing lately. Trust me, there are many!

It is not that my relationship is distant or damaged with Jesus; rather it is more that I have been busy focusing on my own priorities instead of what really matters, hence the need to refocus. I am doing this through means of putting some things out of the way in my life so spiritual focus can resume to a level that really honors the relationship.

One of the things, yes, just one, is how I view others in the grand scheme of eternal life. God has a plan to use people to reach people. It is His primary way of getting the Good News out. My dogs will most likely never get up in the morning and proclaim the Gospel message. It is up to me to go to all nations, meaning all people, and share this message.

For the most part, I get this. Then along comes that one person who reminds me that if I stay stuck in my off focused self, I really do not like to reach out. That one person who just rubs you the wrong way, you know what I mean, right? I know I am not alone here! And these people are in church fellowships all over the world!

Well, I mentioned something better than spiritual glasses is available . It is actually a Who, not a what. In God’s great plan for humanity, He gave us a gift, the gift of His Holy Spirit to guide us and have spiritual eyes focused on what He wants us to focus on.

The best part of His ‘refocusing’ gift is when I really need the help to not become distracted by that certain person or event (or more often myself), the help is there. The refocusing occurs as soon as I surrender, or put  myself aside.

What is true refocusing in the spiritual sense? Denying myself, and moving forward with what God has already planned for me along with trusting in God’s Holy Spirit to keep me on the path He has me on for the greater good of all, not just for me.


Stop and Reflect

Life in general can give us many moments or events causing us to stop and reflect. Often times without those events happening in the direct path of our personal journey.


School shootings, the passing on to heaven of an iconic pastor/evangelist, a baby being born, a mission trip, someone’s diagnoses of cancer, someone else’s passing after a long and valiant battle with cancer, a troubling yet encouraging message from a social media friend, or sometimes just looking in the mirror.

All of these have crossed my path in the past month or so, some just today, not each one a personal event or moment. However, each taking its own grip of my thoughts and feelings, causing me to take time to reflect.

Reflect on where I am headed, what I am doing, who I am encouraging (or discouraging), how I am making an impact on what God has called me to be and do. For me, as a Follower and Believer in Jesus Christ, that last one is to be my primary focus.

I had the privilege recently to travel with an American team of Foursquare pastors to gather with and build relationships with church leaders in Niger Africa. This being my first experience of mission work, I knew that it would change my perspective on life and ministry


The other events listed above have transpired before or after my trip. It has been a very interesting journey these past six weeks. Many people before the trip asked me if I was excited, nervous, or scared. My answer was that I was more ‘feeling in anticipation of what God was going to do, both in me and in Niger’.

I was also in anticipation of meeting my seventh grandchild after my return to the “real world”IMG_2509

She was born on February 7, content and healthy, although the smallest baby born into our family of all the grand kids so far at just 6lb 15oz – I know normal size for most babies but not for our family!

The trip to Niger definitely had an impact on me. How significant? Not sure since I am still processing it all, and it depends on whom you ask. One friend said I seem more internalized or reserved while another said I seem more peaceful and settled and that God has given me a new radiance of His power.

No matter what causes us to stop and reflect, the outcome should be for us to change our perspective in order to view what really matters in the long run, and what brings the most benefit to others. Those two things will really make a lasting difference in our world.

Thanks for stopping by…

Until ALL have heard! #wearefoursquare

Reflections of our time in Alaska…

This will be the first in a series recapping my trip to Alaska with my Honey. Technically this was a trip for her 49th birthday. My 48th birthday trip was to Belize back in November. I’m glad to be sharing these adventures with her!

I’ve done a couple posts already about this trip, but as it draws to a close in just two days, I figured I’d do a cursory look back as we chill in our hotel room on this rainy day in Valdez.

This was the first hotel we’ve stayed in and only because Valdez does not have any hostels, plus we had a coupon for one night free! We did the Glacier and sea life cruise yesterday. Walked around and took in the museums today and now with the rain, we are taking time to relax from our adventure thus far.




According to our Glacier hike guides, Logan and Killian-who we met the other day in McCarthy-Kinnecott, we have been having an epic tour of Alaska. Logan is a native so he knows what he’s talking about.
(I’ll post pics of that journey when I get home to my laptop, hence this being a series)

We have traveled the bulk of the central area of this magnificent state, learned its impressive and sometimes troubling history. I’ve fallen in love with how bike friendly it is here. Even talked with a guy last night after dinner who lives in Soldatna and has ridden most of the state. I’ve got a new bucket list item to accomplish soon!

We traveled the Denali Highway…this is real Alaska! Twenty or so cars the whole two hour trip and more mountains and vistas than you can imagine!



We traveled into the heart of Denali on a bus and became part of the thirty percent group to actually see the entire mountain of Denali (aka Mt. McKinley). Only 30% of the 400,000 plus visitors a year actually get to experience this!


We’ve met some incredible people on some incredible journeys as well! The students and families, the professionals and everyday people. The seventy year old woman who began backpacking in Chili and was now at the top of the world not knowing where to go next!

As we have traveled around just this small portion of this enormous frontier I have heard music in my ears, maybe just in my head, but I swear it was really in my ears! Coming through the trees, or off the ice, just in the car driving, or while in Anchorage riding a bike. Even now as I sit in a hotel room with the rain and the traffic outside…I hear it!

Is that what is referred to as when someplace calls to you? Am I hearing the ‘call to Alaska’? Its not in the plans for now…many new adventures await us at home still.

But I do know that I will be back to this place someday, God willing!

And yes, I’ve done this trip with no socks for at least 80% of the time…there’s no better way to travel or to live life!